Harf Media PVT LTD

Experiential Digital & Content

Social media engagement used to be as easy as creating online contests and Facebook apps a few years back. It is much more demanding now as consumers and fans are getting bored of the same old methods. Online engagement rates are getting lower. People are sharing less on what used to be top platforms earlier. Having social media profiles are as mainstream as having email addresses. Innovation is required and this is where we come in. At EXPD, our endeavor is to create brand campaigns that are innovative, thought-provoking, meaningful, emotional, and provide value to consumers. We create opportunities and story telling for customers to experience the brand story, and in the process help change behavior and create an impact in the society.

We exist to help brands stand for something. By defining brand purpose and creating powerful campaigns that connect with audiences emotionally and inspire them to care and share. We also create content - beyond text and formats. For use across channels. Based on insights of what matters to audiences and the channels and devices through which they consume it.